Tamed Mind

£540.00 - £600.00 Coming Soon

Original artwork with elements of collage on MDF board. This piece is part of the ongoing series 'Hiraeth' in which I try to process the feeling of nostalgia.
Size of the artwork: 50x40x0.5 cm

If you choose a FRAMING OPTION the painting will be shipped framed and ready to hang as shown in the picture. The shadow box frame is made out of natural wood.
You have a choice of a neutral-colored frame or a pink frame.
Size of the painting in the frame: 57x47x3,5

Shipping information:
Unframed painting:
UK - FREE standard tracked / 8 GBP - next-day delivery
Europe - 15 GBP tracked UPS package
Everywhere else - 20 GBP tracked UPS package

Framed painting:
UK - 15 GBP standard tracked / 20 GBP - next-day delivery
Europe - 25 GBP tracked UPS package
Everywhere else - 30 GBP tracked UPS package

Please note: buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

Artist statement:
Hiraeth – a word that at once signifies homesickness, nostalgia, and grief caused by the yearning for a place you can no longer return to. This multi-layered Welsh word fully embodies the spirit of my project.
For this series of mixed media paintings, I have chosen to incorporate elements of paper collage intertwined with traditional painting. The ‘cutouts’ are sourced from paintings of old masters, antique illustrations, and found vintage photos - the perfect metaphor for “memory”. By cooperating with painters and photographers through the time I am searching for answers to questions - are memories best left untouched, a perfect record of the past? Or are they something to be part of our present?
This painting contains high-quality giclee cutouts sourced from the artwork "Young Woman with Unicorn" by Raphael as well as some vintage illustrations.