When The Moon Was Small

£650.00 - £680.00

Framed and ready-to-hang original encaustic artwork in a unique technique that was developed by the artist.
The technique is a mix of multiple layers of wax, oils, and oil pastels that create depth and subtle color vibrations. The painting is very textured some of the elements are literally scraped off the surface. Support - canvas board.
Wax is a durable medium that has a beautiful satin finish, is resistant to water, and is very easy to sustain. It also has a very cozy smell of natural beeswax.
Size of unframed painting: 40x50 cm

A framing option is available (as presented in the pictures)
Size of framed painting: 47x57x3.5 cm
An elegant wooden shadow-box frame in color bronze (with a subtle sheen) really emphasizes the beauty of the work. No glazing (glass) is provided or needed for this style of painting.
Shipping UK: Free
Shipping everywehere else: 30 GBP

Here are the care tips for encaustic painting:
-Keep it away from heat and fire - wax melts at 70 degrees C
-Don't put any pressure on the surface to not damage it.
-You can lightly touch the surface but don't rub it or else it will smudge.
-Frame it with or without a picture mount or protective glass.

Signed & dated on the front and back.
Shipped in a kraft paper custom packaging.
All original artwork is shipped with a certificate of authenticity and care tips for encaustic paintings.