I'm a self-taught mixed media & collage artist based in London, UK.

I started my journey with a very traditional approach to art, but soon switched to exploring possibilities and depth of various different techniques.

My main focus lays in working with mixed media, encaustic, and collage.

Today I create a very varied body of work including large format canvases or smaller formats on paper as well as collages with peculiar and quirky narratives incorporating people, animals, birds, plants. I create landscapes and florals with unique textures and mark-making.

 My primary media is acrylics, gouache, pencils, crayons, and paper. But I love experimenting with different tools and subjects and never get stuck on one particular material.


September 2021 - 'SWA Annual Online Exhibition' organized by Society of Women Arttists, London, UK

May 2021 - 'When Words Fail', organised by the online gallery Visionary Art Collective, curated by Grace Lang

October 2020 - Reflections 2020, organized by The South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, London, UK

October 2020 - The Resilient Self II, organised by The Artists Pool, displayed in Espacio Gallery, London, UK

September 2020 - 159th Society of Women Artist Annual Exhibition, London, UK

July 2020 - Online Exhibition of Encaustic Artwork "Encaustic Today"

April 2020 - Online Exhibition organised by Moscow Artist Society “ XL Molodezhka 2020” - the most promising young artists of Moscow

December 2019 - Gallery «Exposed», «Between Line and Colour», Moscow, Russia

September 2019 - «The Art of White Nights», Moscow, Russia

April 2019 - Moscow Artist Society «Molodezhka-19» - the most promising young artists of Moscow. Moscow, Russia

December 2018 - Artmuza Art Cluster «Your Muse Has To Work» St.Petersburg, Russia

Follow my creative journey on social media:

Follow my creative journey on social media: