Sea of Bluebells - Lands Near & Far

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Original oil painting on panel - framed and ready to hang.
If you are willing to purchase the painting unframed please contact me before purchasing, so the price of the frame could be deducted from the cost of the painting.
The color of the frame is warm grey (which might appear pink on some screens) with a subdued antique gold rim.
Size of the painting: 50x30x0.3 cm
Size of the frame: 64x44x3 cm
Please allow up to 2 weeks for the manufacturing of this bespoke frame.
Shipped in a box.
All paintings are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.
UK - Free
Everywhere Else - 30

Lands Near and Far is a very moving collection of oil paintings inspired by the most atmospheric and magical moments in nature. Great attention to detail and suggestions of a subtle narrative are the most distinguished traits of this collection.
Artists Quote describing the intention behind this series of works:
"With time I realized that nature is my biggest source of inspiration and even more so, the mood and atmosphere that different seasons and weather conditions bring. I always collect ideas from whatever I see when I go on long walks and hikes or that I bring back from my adventures abroad. Eventually, this brought me to create a collection of dreamlike landscapes that evoke a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. Capturing a fleeting moment of beauty around me has become my artistic ambition".