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'Parting' is the biggest mixed media piece with elements of collage in the ongoing series 'Hiraeth' in which I try to process the feeling of nostalgia.
Size of the artwork: 150x70x4 cm
Hiraeth – a word that at once signifies homesickness, nostalgia, and grief caused by the yearning for a place you can no longer return to. This multi-layered Welsh word fully embodies the spirit of my project.

The painting creates a dialogue with the viewer. The attention of the characters is clearly focused on the spectator, giving us the impression that the one looking at the painting is the one that's parting, leaving dear friends and peaceful lands once called home behind.
This painting took part in the annual exhibition of the Society of Women Artists that usually takes place in the Mall Galleries, but this year happened to happen online, due to lockdown. 'Parting' has also been granted the honor to be the 'face' of this event as the official poster.

For this series of mixed media paintings, I have chosen to incorporate elements of paper collage intertwined with traditional painting. The ‘cutouts’ are sourced from paintings of old masters, antique illustrations, and found vintage photos - the perfect metaphor for “memory”. By cooperating with painters and photographers through the time I am searching for answers to questions - are memories best left untouched, a perfect record of the past? Or are they something to be part of our present?
This painting contains high-quality giclee cutouts sourced from the artworks of the Italian Mannerist painter Agnolo Bronzino

Delivery info:
Stretched on bars and ready for framing.
UK - 100 GBP
Everywhere else - 200 GBP
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